I was SO excited to get to see Allie Rhea again for her 12 month old photos!  Ok,Ok.. One Year.  But we mommies like to count months. It helps us feel like they’re staying babies for a little longer, and it is a more accurate way to mark the amount of time we’ve gone without sleep 🙂 This little girl is an absolute DOLL! Like, really, she looks like a living doll in most of these pictures. So insanely precious.  And the scenery is amazing! This shoot in particular reminded me why I love shooting on location so much! There’s always a new backdrop and fun things to discover. In this case, that meant gorgeous hydrangea bushes (even when they’re not blooming they’re awesome), a pretty little stone wall, and basically a completely perfect English garden at the neighbor’s house. Photographer Heaven!! Add sweet little Allie Rhea in the mix and the images are irresistible. Check it out>>

OH! The baby hair. Too cute! I’ve never been sentimental enough to keep locks of my kids’ hair because, well, it creeps me out a little, and also, where would you put it?.  But when I see this perfect little head of baby hair my mom emotions kick in and I can’t help but realize how fast the baby days fly by. If you’re keeping the baby hair, more power to ya!

Flowers and fruit trees in the yard <3

And a custom graphic piece–these look so cute hanging in kids’ rooms. Pin it here