I have an old Kodak Instamatic album with pictures of my mom when she was in college. It is my favorite thing.  It’s held together, as you can see, with very fancy washi tape which is so NOT the best solution, but it was the only low-tack tape I could find when the binding split as I was packing it up for our recent move.

Kodak Instamatic albumI found this album after my mom passed away, so every time I flip through it I am filled with questions that I will never have answers to….and So. Much. Joy.

Who is that guy?

Vintage Kodak_Sara Tallent Photography

Who’s room is that? Was this Spring Break?!

Always Print Your Photos

My favorite old photos

Where were you going?

Getting Ready in the 60's

And I can just hear her voice in my head. I imagine the answers.

“OH! That’s Larry!”  “We were in Myrtle Beach” “It was so crowded.”  “Oh, Sara put that down.”

Photographs are powerful. They are storytellers. They are tangible memories, or they can be….As long as we print them.

Kodak Instamatic Album

This world is evolving and many of our snapshots and family photos aren’t even taken on a camera anymore, but a telephone. Mind-boggling isn’t it?

Printing doesn’t get you the same immediate gratification as a Facebook post might, but posting pictures online should not be the end of that little image. If we’re not careful and deliberate about creating tangible albums (or at the very least individual prints), we run the risk of  having no images to pass down to our kids. Nothing to flip open and embarrass them with when their friends come over! Even if you took them with your iPhone, you still need to print those pictures.

So that one day, when you’re gone, your children can look at a picture and still hear your voice.

These are THE best apps for printing from your phone that I’ve found. The best!

I’m a photographer, after all, so drugstore printing is just not an option for me. I’m never happy with the quality (sorry, photo snob), but these all deliver great color and quality when printing images from your phone.

PRINTSTUDIO // right here

print studio

photo credit: PrintStudio

 I can’t say enough good things about these guys. I even took the time to review this app on the app store, which is like, crazy.  The quality is awesome, and they have all kinds of options– from cute little squares to make your instagram pics look perfect, to regular 4×6’s and more. go get this app.

ARTIFACT UPRISING // here you go

artifact uprising

photo credit: artifact uprising

the [signature] prints do not disappoint. the quality makes them gift-worthy and yes, you will want to sign it like you are a fancy ar-teeest.

FreePrintsApp //see it here

I haven’t gotten prints from this one yet so I can’t speak to the quality–but the price is right, it’s easy to use, and if it’s good enough for Tori Spelling it’s good enough for me.

Am I leaving any out? If you have a printing app that you love let me know!!

Happy Printing XOX