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Hola! Thanks for checking out Sara Tallent Photography!

If you’re looking for a fashion focused portrait experience, tailored to you and your style, then look no further.

I’m Sara. Girl mom, photog, Spanish speaker (for real), and drinker of all the coffee. I specialize in Style Sessions for HS senior girls because, well, I was one. And I would have killed for photos that didn’t make me cringe. 

I believe that confident girls can change the world, and I know that an amazing photo session can help you see yourself in a new light. I photograph REAL girls, who are busy making smart, strong, fearless, and creative, the new “pretty”. You don’t need to be a model to have photos that make you feel like one.

For me, your session experience is just as important as the images themselves, and so Style Sessions are customized to showcase your style and personality. The results are photos you’re obsessed with, and a day you’ll never forget– because every girl deserves that. I also create sessions for tween girls, and creative boss ladies. It’s just a colorful, caffeine + confetti kind of party over here.

Take a look around, and if you’re ready to have photos that will light up your social media with those heart eye emojis, or just want to chat about Starbucks + fashion blogs, be sure to get in touch!