A Tea Party! What could be girlier?! And with 3 girls between the two of us, my dear friend Susan and I decided to make a photo shoot out of our play date this week. But don’t go busting out your fake british accents just yet (oh, sorry, was that just me?). That’s not exactly a regulation tea set we’re using, but rather a few pieces of my mother’s silver. Most of it was given to her on her wedding day by my grandmother. We have a chest full of it, and we’re pretty informal so we almost never get around to using it, as you can see by the tarnish! But this was spur of the moment so no time to polish 🙂 I figured what better way to put it to use than by letting the girls have a little tea party fun! We set it out for them and watched the magic. It gave me the perfect opportunity to just sit back and “eavesdrop” with my camera, which is my favorite way to shoot anyway. I love the shine and the vintage quality the silver gives the images. Plus, the sentimental value is off the charts. I can’t print these fast enough! We’re talking Canvas In The Dining Room, people. Thanks Susan! Couldn’t have done it without ya!

So sweet right?! Need a little pinspiration for your own family heirloom photo shoot? Here ya go! Pin it here 🙂