If you know a pro photographer, a mom who’s OBSESSED with photography, or even a mom who’s constantly  snapping pics with the iPhone, this list will help you find the coolest gifts for her this holiday.  Whether you’re a mom+photographer yourself, or you’re just lucky enough to know one, I’ve got you covered. With everything from cute stocking stuffers, to more expensive splurge items for the pro, this little Momarazzi Holiday Gift Guide will help you show the mom-photogapher some love!

Momarazzi Gift Guide

1. COOL CAMERA STRAP (from $20.95) Because that generic one that comes with the camera has zero personality.  Mod has a great selection of fun and colorful patterns to choose from so you’ll have the coolest camera strap around. Express yourself!!

2.MEMORY CARD WALLET ($7.35) Keep track of all the memory cards floating around with a handy memory card wallet!

3. AWESOME CHALK BOARD WORD BUBBLE ($15) Need I say more? What a fun little photo prop. The possibilities are endless, from photo booths, to kids photos, write your holiday message for the family photo, or get more than one for couple’s photo sessions.

4. KELLY MOORE BAG (from $149.00, 2 Sues shown $199.00) Ahhh, photographer mommy BLISS. No boring black bag here! This bag is awesome! I dreamed about this lovely for months and now that I finally have it, it still makes me happy every time I look at it.  The pockets are awesome, it holds everything and is super chic. The designer is a mom photog herself, so they are all brilliantly designed to double as a purse/diaper bag. Love, Love, Love.  If you have a camera, you should be carrying it around in one of these beautiful bags.

5. CAMERA STUD EARRINGS ($30) These I love because I firmly believe that we busy moms should seize every possible opportunity for bling!

6. iPHONE WRIST STRAP ($35) I can think of  a million times when I could have used one of these! (A million. At least! Really. I can think of them all..) Form meets function, can’t go wrong with this one.

7. SNACK LENS COVER ($15) This would fall into the stocking stuffer category if you ask me, and who wouldn’t love a little donut/hamburger action fattening up the camera lens.

8. DOMKE PROTECTIVE WRAP (from $12.99) Great for those times when you don’t want to schlep the entire camera bag, you still want to protect the camera/lens.

9. ICE LIGHT ($499) This is the mother of all photographer gifts. It’s a pricey one, but highly coveted by pro and semi-pro photographer. Perfectly balanced, beautiful window light that you can carry around with you!

10. FINGERLESS GLOVES ($75 by UGG). The go-to accessory for outdoor shoots in cold weather. Your hands are warm, but fingers are still free to adjust the settings on your camera. These ones are extra nice since they have that leather palm to keep the camera from slipping.

11. CAMERA PHONE FILTERS ($35) These filters let you do fun creative effects with your camera phone. Lens flares and colors make it fun to get crazy with your camera phone!

12. RUBBER CAMERA STAMP ($10 ) A fun little stocking stuffer for the crafty photographer. Fun for scrapbooking or even client packaging.

13. iPHONE PROJECTOR ($69.99) Isn’t technology grand? Project your camera roll, and all those cute kid videos you’ve got on your camera!

14. LENSBABY SPARK ($89.95) The entry level Lensbaby makes images with blurry out of focus edges and one “sweet spot” of focus. If you’re getting this as a gift just make sure you know what kind of camera it’s going on so you can get the right mount, Canon or Nikon.

15. iPHONE LENS WALLET ($99 with lenses and tripod, $15 just wallet) Anyone into the iPhoneography movement will appreciate this great carrying case for all your different iPhone lenses. You can get just the wallet, or order the whole kit and caboodle with lenses and a tripod.