It’s no big secret I’m a makeup hoarder. I’ve been blowing money at makeup counters and drug store aisles since my first allowance, and with spring in the air it’s a perfect time to stock up on some great products that will get you out of that winter funk and ready for spring photos! These are a few of my go to products that are great for photo shoots, but also great for the hectic, mommy-on-the-go, is-that-a-sippy-cup-in-my-purse, kinda situations I find myself in these days.

makeup favorites for spring photoshoot

1. Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow $20   No more sparkles on the face from regular eyeshadow, which makes it great for photo shoots.  This stuff stays put, doesn’t crease, and hangs around for a while,  plus you can smear it on with your finger in the car in a pinch.

2. Benefit They’re Real Mascara $23   Ok so if I’m being totally honest, this is only ONE of my fave mascaras. I am also very fond of Definicils by Lancome and Le Volume de Chanel. This just happens to be the one I’m rocking at the moment. I got it as a free sample and had low expectations, but  I was so pleasantly surprised with the eye opening length and va-voom it gave my lashes I bought a full size too.

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $36  I just love the way this primer glides right on. It’s so silky smooth and helps my makeup go on easily. Plus “Photo” is in the title, that’s a no brainer 😉

4. Kate Sommerville Tanning Towelettes $48  I don’t use these very often, and would not recommend trying them for the first time right before a photo shoot just because you never know how you might react, but they’re pretty great for a gradual, non-streaky extra glow when you find yourself feeling particularly pale.

5. Paula’s Choice 2 minute Teeth Whitener $65  Never hurts to whiten a bit before a photo shoot.  This is quick and easy, and while it’s not the same as a pro whitening from the dentist, it’s good to do for a few days before being in front of the camera. Plus I don’t have those ridiculous strips to deal with–you know how awkward those are!

6. RMS Raw Coconut Cream, from$18  This stuff is ahhmazing. The name pretty much says it all, and it’s a great multi-purpose product to have around. It can be used as a moisturizer, eye makeup remover, or even on lips for a little shine.  It’s straight up coconut, so it will liquify at warmer temps, but that doesn’t hurt it.  It’s so magical, you can use it in liquid form, or keep it in solid form, or even put it in the fridge for a cool pick me up on your skin as it gets warmer. And it smells delish!

7. Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Gloss in Naked Plum $25  I love love this lip gloss! For photos in particular I like something with a hint of color–anything too neutral can wash you out–you want a little pop of color for the camera.

8. Dolce and Gabbana Intense Nail Lacquer in Anise $25  OH photographer heaven–one coat of this polish is exactly the color of an 18% Gray Card–the neutral tone we use to set our white balance in photos! Glorious. So now that I’m done nerding out on the nail polish, I’ll go on to say that while Gray may not be your color, you should definitely include your nails as you prep for your photo shoot!! So many people forget about their nails thinking no one will notice, but don’t let them slide before a shoot. You don’t have to go full on manicure if that’s not you, but make sure they’re at least filed and evenly trimmed with a clear coat, and definitely chip free if you’re wearing polish. They will show in your pictures, make ’em pretty.

So there you have it. A few Photo Friendly makeup products that will help you make a statement in front of the camera, or behind it. Or if you’re chasing after kids. Or if you’re just ready for SPRING and need a little glam! If you love the list, pin it for quick access to all the links!  AND if you have a favorite makeup product that you cannont do without for spring let me know about it in the comments!

xo, Sara