a little LOVE for you today. We all know I’m obsessed with florals..turns out i’m also obsessed with turning them into graphic art! It’s so easy to do I thought I’d share the original image below, along with a few specifics about what I did with it, so you can get inspired and make your own graphic pins out of any photo. Enjoy 🙂

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Wanna see the original floral image? Here you go:

here it is straight out of the camera–

here it is with my color edits..

Pinterest is a visual medium, so a great place to share images like this. Images on Pinterest also look best if they’re vertical in orientation (as opposed to horizontal, which is what my image was). Have a horizontal image you love? no problem!  Flip it! ( I do this a lot, see?)

I decided to flip this floral and make it a vertical image. I added the text..I decided to keep it simple but florals make a great backdrop for quotes and sayings as well.  And then I put a low opacity  hot pink gradient on one side (because what gal doesn’t want more hot pink in her life?!) and BAM! Graphic Floral Pin, complete.

Enjoy! Look through your images and think about which ones you can flip to make more compelling pins. Leave me a link in the comments, I’d love to see what you did!!

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