Hello from Tampa. Still here, still not unpacked (don’t judge me). Turns out a month is just not long enough for me! Unpacking is for the birds! I’d much rather be taking photos or blogging 🙂 I’m working on getting my desk set up, which will make it much easier to try and get some work done during my free time  naptime.  As much as I love a pretty, uncluttered desk, it doesn’t happen very often. And I still have a box (or 3) under my desk to unpack.  But now that we’re renting a tiny place, and my desk is in the middle of the living room instead of tucked away in an upstairs corner, the pressure is on to keep it aesthetically pleasing at all times. ENTER, FLORAL INSPIRATION! In spite of my giant “still unpacking” desk mess, THIS happened earlier today:

Hibiscus Inspiration _ Sara Tallent PhotographyCreative Desk StylingFloral Desk Styling Sara Tallent Photography


Ahhh. I brought in the hibiscus from our yard to spruce up the desk, and the light was just perfect for a few iPhone  shots.  As a creative I’m super inspired by my surroundings, so something as simple as flowers on the desk can not only make me happy but keep me motivated to clean up and keep things pretty. I’ll admit it–I definitely have slob/hoarder/pigpen tendencies. These little beauties in a vase on the desk will help me keep it clean so I can enjoy them, which helps keep me inspired and feeling creative. I highly recommend making a habit of de-cluttering your workspace weekly, better yet at the end of each day, to stay motivated and more productive.

If you’re stuck in a “meh” work zone and don’t know where to start, one word:Pinterest. Make a secret board, start pinning desks /work areas you love, then see what stands out. You can then work on trying to replicate your inspiration at home strategically piece by piece. My faves are always light and bright and usually have pink and gold (i’m girly like that), and some kind of pin board/collage/art wall behind. Start pinning and see what you love, then break it down and go from there!

Pick one or two items for inspiration (or more depending on your desk space. Mine’s tiny). Mine are flowers and pretty journals, but it can be anything from pictures to trays to pretty pens. Whatever aesthetic you’re into, bring it on over to your desk. A pretty vignette is sure to inspire on those days you’re struggling to stay focused, or procrastinating, or have writer’s block, or whatever your creative issues may be (we all have them!). It’s an ongoing challenge for me, but with my desk out here in the middle of our main living space, it’s a challenge I’ll have to accept. Here’s some inspiration for you!

via Apartment Therapy.com

the gold skull might not be for everyone, but I love it!!
via blog.dormify.com

flowers look great in vintage coffee cans!
image from flickr via pinterest

There are some REALLY cute desk accessories on etsy, and Pencil Shavings Studio has TONS of great stuff I’m ready to snatch up for my desk!!

like this very adorable lucite tray (Pencil Shavings Studios on etsy)

lucite trays are awesome for organizing desk clutter! These can be personalized too.

i may not have a pencil sharpener, but I would put these adorable pencils on my desk anyway! (see my note about hoarding above)


Shop The Shoot Links:

Gold polka dot journal // Target

Other inspiration accessories (and corresponding images) via Pinterest and Pencil Shavings Studios

happy workspace styling!! Have fun!