So I’ve been experimenting with a little DIY flower crown crafting over here, and I could not resist letting sweet Hadley be my assistant. She was so excited to help me out, it was only right to let her model it, too! She had a blast (mostly) and was heavily rewarded with M+M’s–her currency of choice.

That’s all you really need–fresh flowers, scissors, floral tape, and floral wire

She reminds me of a mini Frida Khalo.  These are really pretty simple and the possibilities are ENDLESS. Those are just basic grocery store flowers I used, and a hearty flower like a carnation will last for a while. After we were done taking pictures I popped this one in the fridge, and it was still in perfect condition the next day, so she wore it again for fun.

If you’re looking for some technical support, here’s a video that might help! These are amazing for Senior Portraits but as you can see they’re a fun way to make any girl feel beautiful, no matter what age. Enjoy!!