In case you haven’t noticed, I have SUCH a hard time keeping the blog updated in the summer months! Too many summertime temptations to stay behind my computer screen (hammocks, anyone..?)

summer mood | sara tallent photography

do you hear it calling your name?


But I digress. Fortunately, there’s always time for a mood board.

I make mood boards for all my sessions to get me in the zone and feel inspired for the shoot. They’re just fun little mash-ups that help me visualize the vibe I’m going for with wardrobe and accessories, almost like a visual brainstorm.

Here’s a little summertime inspiration from Jayne’s Style Session which was super chic with a little bit of boho charm. This is what I pulled together before the shoot, as I worked through some general outfit ideas. I hope it gets you inspired to create outfits worthy of both photo sessions and barefoot hammock swinging.



Check out Jayne’s Session to see how the actual looks compared with my inspiration board. Keep on soaking up summer in style!