OK, so it’s official, technology hates me.

I’ve had some tech glitches on the site that have caused some posting trouble from my end and more than one blog post has been posted by me and then has somehow magically disappeared. So I’m sorry for the radio silence over here on the blog! Btw make sure you’re keeping up on fb and insta so we don’t lose touch completely! I think whatever it was is finally fixed (fingers crossed) so I’m gonna give it a shot here with Bridget’s post.

Technically this is the third one I’ve written, but #1 and #2 are lost in cyber space. So rather than try to recreate the wit and delight of the first two, each masterpieces in their own right, (trust me!) let me just wow you with some of my favorite images of the whole summer: Bridget in her flower crowns.

We shot these at the University of Tampa and after a straight month of rain, we lucked out and finally had a sunny afternoon. Did we sweat? Of course we did. It’s Tampa. But you’d never know it by looking at Bridget, and the flower crowns held up surprisingly well!

Prism Image Tampa Portraits

Couldn’t leave out Bridget’s fave. I was using a prism and her brother made a ghostly appearance. He’s actually behind me, but the prism caught just the right angle and he showed up in the image!

Need some more florals in your life?! I did too, that’s why I made a little video which you can see over on you tube with even more images and some behind the scenes antics from this amazing shoot!

Want to make your own flower crown? I can help you with that, too!

Need your picture taken in one? Right this way, let’s get you penciled in…


xo Sara