We’re talking mustard on the blog today. It’s not just for sandwiches. I could probably work in a few Grey Poupon jokes, but I’ll spare you and get straight to the images.

Yellow can be a hard color to pull off, but the rich mustard tone is pretty easy for most skin tones to wear and there are so many different ways to style it.

style breakdownmustard


you can find all of these images over on my ever-evolving pinterest board! but let’s take it clockwise from the top:

a mustard patterned jumpsuit // via Le Fashion

preppy with pleats // via extra petite

boho vibes with a chunky mustard knit and a flower crown // via tumblr

a little bit of street style edge with black stripes and gold accessories // via art symphony

embrace the fall color palette with some blue accessories and a suede jacket // via ania b

So don’t be scared. Wear your mustard and eat it too!



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