MMMkay, it’s been a leeeetle busy over here so I haven’t gotten in all the blog posts I’ve had planned for January, but nothing (nothing!) was going to stop me from posting my most amazing session with Lana and Ava earlier this month.

Not only are they twins, they’re IDENTICAL twins. And not only are they identical twins, they’re gorgeous! Pretty much a senior session slam dunk, aside from the fact that we got rained out halfway through! UGH, Tampa weather. I hate ending early for rain, but sadly in Tampa, it happens. I’m still holding a grudge against my weather app, which assured me it wouldn’t rain 🙁  But you’d never know the weather was plotting against me from the looks of these amazing images. Some of my favorites ever!

The outfits the twins picked combined with their laid back attitudes give a dreamy Free People vibe to this super fun shoot. There are prisms, jumpsuits, floral prints, even twin seagulls:) Check it out >>>

(hair + makeup by SMP Makeup Artistry)

TA-DA! So much fun! Take that, rain!



Just an FYI, I’m all about fashion focused, out of the box senior portrait sessions. If you’re a junior or senior looking for a creative session that’s all about you (or you and your twin 😉 ) just drop me your info and let’s plan it!

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