Floral roomers are EVERYWHERE so obviously I had to bring them to the Style Breakdown.

From fashion bloggers to photo sessions these are so popular, and  for good reason–they’re perfect for the summer heat, and as long as you get the right cut, they’re super flattering.

There are a zillion different styles–off the shoulder, wraps, cinch waist–but the one thing we keep seeing over and over, and loving every time, is the FLORAL print.

style breakdownFLORALROMPER


(see all of these and more over on pinterest )

Do NOT be afraid of pattern in your photo session.

It’s such a great way to add life to your photos, and while there are a couple of stripes that can really mess your eyes up in a photograph, for the most part this “don’t do a pattern” rule is a giant MYTH meant to keep you in khakis and white tee shirts. UGh. No.

The ONLY rule for photo shoot fashion is: wear what you love.

If you love it, you’ll feel good in it, and that will translate on camera.

Want to wear a romper in your senior photos? Ava did, and it. was. everything.  I highly recommend it!

Sara Tallent Floral Romper

Her twin sister Lana wore one too–aaand it was just as awesome. See their whole session here

If you’re a graduating Senior or a HS junior, it’s time for your Senior Portrait Experience, complete with hair, makeup, and a what to wear guide. Get in touch and we’ll start planning…or just chat about how cute these rompers are. Either way, drop me a line.


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